Knight Piésold & Co. reviews the French Dam Technology

“… FDE prototype precast concrete module has wide potential for applications, and with adaptation of its design to actual project sites, can be used not only as a non-overflow structure, but also as an overflow (spillway), outlet and intake hydraulic structure. Further adaptation of design can be expected based on actual application for a temporary cofferdam, repair of existing dams and hydraulic structures, and new dam and hydraulic structures. The modularization concept has the potential of wide application and can be customized to any low head dam site. It offers the advantage of high quality control of precast concrete, increased design standardization, and reduces on-site construction time. It also has the flexibility to be combined with other traditional construction and concreting means and methods”.


Norman Bishop, P.E., M.B.A.
Senior Executive Project Engineer
Knight Piésold and Co.